I'm a freshmen in a dorm on campus and I've been experiencing spotty wifi interuptions during zoom meetings. Is there anything that I should be doing that could improve the signal? I am using the Bowdoin wifi (not guest access).
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Ingrid Astley Last activity on 8/31/2020 4:16:36 PM by Jason Pelletier

New Login Experience - launchpad only has one "app"

So, I've registered, and when I look at my launchpad, I only see the link to the TD article about the new experience. When I try to search for common applications (which I use, like MS Office 365, or WorkDay....), the search box just says I don't...
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Karl Maria Fattig Last activity on 7/23/2019 9:26:17 AM by Jason Pelletier

Troubleshooting duo login for accounts on macbook


I checked in a couple of months ago after experiencing that after logging into my Bowdoin account on my computer so that I could use the Mail application, the account would vanish shortly after. At the time, it seemed like this w...
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Jasper Gordon Last activity on 4/11/2019 11:41:02 AM by Jason Pelletier

Email log-in abroad

Hi Service Desk,

How do I log into my Bowdoin email abroad? I have a new sim card and thus a new phone number. The duo security system is only willing to call my US number and I do not know the bypass code. Please help!

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Victor Dankens Last activity on 8/30/2018 2:10:58 PM by Jason Pelletier

Problem related to the Managed Software Center

I installed the Managed Software Center, but I can't download the applications provided by it. There is a screen displaying, "There is no new software for your computer at this time." How do I fix this problem. I need to print a documen...
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Younju Koh Last activity on 8/29/2018 2:03:54 PM by Jason Pelletier

Microsoft Publisher

Does Bowdoin provide microsofot publisher for students?
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Anna Messinger Last activity on 1/31/2018 4:40:14 PM by Jason Pelletier

Difficulty Connecting to Wifi

Hello! Since the recent required password change, I have been unable to log into Bowdoin school wifi. I have a Mac, and when I click on the wifi option, it shows a failure to connect notification and will flash a login prompt for username and pas...
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Cameron Chertavian Last activity on 5/9/2017 11:57:31 AM by Jason Pelletier

Does Bowdoin still provide access to

Hi. I know Bowdoin used provide us access to, but I don't see the link anymore.
Does Bowdoin still provide us access to that site?
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Samuel Woodworth Last activity on 3/7/2017 9:06:09 AM by Jason Pelletier

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