Office 365

for Faculty and Staff

Office 365 for Faculty and Staff



Departments Synced


Mailboxes Synced


Messages Synced

80 Million

 Email Storage Synced

6.2 TB


Project Time Line

95% Complete

March 27

Room Resource Documentation Goes Live

April 15

Faculty and Staff Notified of the Migration to Office 365

April 29

Shared Calendar Documentation Goes Live

May 10

Communicate Migration Time Line

June 17

Final Email Cut Over


What's new in Office 365?
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New in Bowdoin Email

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With the new Outlook, you get all of the features you know and rely on plus increased functionality. Your inbox will be automatically organized to allow you to focus on messages that may be more directly related to your work. You can more easily share documents using OneDrive. You can encrypt your email messages with just a click of a button. You can connect from anywhere, download the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet to access Outlook whenever you like.

What does this mean for you?

Increased email storage of up to 100 GB per email account.
1-click encryption
Better synchronization between all of your devices.
Videoconferencing using Microsoft Teams right from your Outlook Calendar.
A new web interface (owa) that's similar to your desktop Outlook program.
Always up-to-date: you'll be using the newest version of Outlook all of the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my mailbox has been moved?

Because of the varying speeds of the final email sync and transfer, there is no real way for you to proactively tell when a mailbox is going to be moved or has been moved. The easiest way to know if your account has moved to Office 365 is to attempt to log in to Webmail. If you log in and receive a screen similar to the one shown in our knowledge base, then you know your mail has been moved to Office 365. You can click the link on the page and you will be taken to

Outlook is asking me to allow a change from AutoDiscover, should I allow this?

Yes. AutoDiscover is a service that allows Outlook and Office 365 to make changes if something on the server changes. In this case, your email mailbox is moving and AutoDiscover is telling Outlook to make the correct changes. You should click the Allow button if prompted.

I'm not receiving email in my mail client

If you know that your mailbox has been moved but your not able to send or receive email with your mail client, you may need to reconfigure your email client. Here are some related links that will help

I try to log in to Webmail and I receive an error

There are two things going on in this scenario. First, Webmail will no longer be the location you will go to receive email online. You can either go to or However, if your mailbox has been moved, you should be given a link to your new mailbox. In order to get around the error, you will need to clear your web browser's cache and cookies. For more information, visit our knowledge base article.

I used to use Thunderbird for email, now I am not able to. What can I use instead?

Because Thunderbird does not integrate with Office 365, it can't be used to send and receive email within Office 365. There are additional options, however, including using Outlook Online or setting up a different email client.