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Pinned Article How do I get IT Support?

The IT Solution Center is a full-service technology center with a large walk-in desk, comfortable seating in a nicely appointed waiting area and provides quick access to most of your immediate technology needs

Pinned Article IT Weather Emergency Guidelines

Information outlining service and support provided by Information Technology staff during a declared weather emergency.

Pinned Article Technology Guide to Remote Working

Whether you work on the road often or simply need to be able to work from home on occasion, there are tools to ensure that you can continue to perform your job with ease. Online meetings can be held, files can be accessed and stored online via OneDrive, share your computer screen with colleagues, make audio calls via your computer, and more!

How to approve or reject a request in the Support Portal

This article describes how to approve or deny a requests that may come to them from requests created in the IT Client Support Portal.