How to create and hold a remote class with Microsoft Teams

There are a variety of scenarios that you can use Microsoft Teams to teach a class. For example:

  • Use Teams to teach a class while the instructor is home but the students are on campus
  • Use Teams to teach a class while the instructor is on campus but the students are home
  • Use Teams to teach a class while there is a mix of students and/or instructor on and off campus

Each scenario essentially works the same way. Create the "Meeting", which in this case is the class, join the meeting via video, voice or both and share a screen or presentation.

Create the Class Meeting

For information on how to create your meeting, visit this page in the knowledge base:

Join the Class Meeting

Students and faculty can join a scheduled class either from their calendar invitation, if an online meeting was created or directly from the Teams notification that there is an incoming call if an ad-hoc meeting was created.


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