Install Jabber on an iOS Device

The Cisco Jabber app allows you to chat and collaborate with your co-workers from your iPhone or iPad.

For best results and access to the latest features, your mobile device should be running the latest iOS version. Check the Apple App Store to ensure that Jabber client  is updated to the latest version. 


  1. On your iOS device, get the Cisco Jabber app.
    (Alternatively, you can tap App Store on your device and then search for Cisco Jabber.

    get Jabber from the App Store
  2. Tap Get and then Install.

    install Jabber
  3. Sign in to the iTunes Store if you are prompted to do so and then tap OK
  4. When the app has finished installing, tap Open. (Or, launch the Jabber app from the Home screen.)

    open Jabber
  5. Once the application opens, you will be asked a series of questions allowing Jabbr to do various things. The suggested responses are shown here, but answer as you see appropriate.
  6. When the message to allow Jabber to Access Your Contacts, tap Don't Allow.
  7. When the message to use Jabber with Siri, tap Don't Allow.
  8. When the message to allow Jabber to send you notifications, tap Allow.

  9. Accept the Terms of Service.

  10. Swipe Left through the three screens of tips.

  11. When the message asking to allow Jabber to access the microphone, tap OK.

Sign in

  1. Tap on the "Advanced Settings"

  2. Turn OFF the "Connect to Server Automatically" option

  3. Select the "Communications Manager 9+" connection option.

  4. Enter in "" for the server address and tap Next. Then tap Save.

  5. You will see "Finding services" for a few seconds while you phone contacts Bowdoin's servers.

  6. Once your phone has found our servers, type in your Bowdoin Username (example: Then tap Continue.

  7. Enter the Password you use to log into, unless you were provided a password by IT specifically for Jabber.
  8. You may then receive a notice about an invalid Certificate. Accept this certificate from the Bowdoin server "".

  9. You  will then see "Signing in..."

  10. Follow the instructions in the notification on you screen and then tap "OK"

  11. Tap "Yes" for Face ID Authentication (if your phone supports it).

  12. Tap "Done" on the tip.

Sign out

  1. Tap the icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

    tap icon to access sign out command
  2. Tap Sign Out.

    tap sign out
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