Going Abroad or Leaving Campus With Duo

Are you going abroad?  You may need to make changes to your two-step authentications settings (aka Duo)

  • If you have only ever used  Duo on campus with your current cell phone then you may need to activate it for when you are off campus
    • Log into https://myduodevices.bowdoin.edu and do an authentication to get into the settings
    • Go  to the Options button for your cell phone device
    • Click  Activate or Reactivate Duo Mobile
    • Follow the prompts in the SMS that you will receive on your phone
    • Once you see a Bowdoin College entry in the Duo App on your phone (or a replaced entry with new code) then you are ready to use Duo with your current number
    • Now once you leave campus you are able to use Duo


  • Once you get your new SIM card overseas
    • log in again to https://myduodevices.bowdoin.edu either from your computer or your cell phone and authenticate to get into settings
      • If you are already using your new SIM you can use the code under the Bowdoin College entry in the Duo App on your phone  to authenticate to get into settings
    • Now you click on Add Another Device and put in your new phone number and your phone model and OS.
    • Now when you need to authenticate with Duo be sure to choose your new number from the drop down before choosing one of the methods.
  • If you are setting up a new Phone or Tablet for Duo see the related article on the right


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