Scheduling Zoom Meetings in Blackboard for Synchronous Class Meetings


For the fall semester the scheduling of Zoom meetings has been integrated into the new Blackboard (BB) course template so synchronous class meetings can be scheduled directly inside of Blackboard.


These steps are intended for Zoom from inside of Blackboard course templates.

How To

Screenshot of video tutorial in Blackboard. Video: Scheduling Zoom meetings in Blackboard (5min. 18sec.)

  1. When logging into your BB course you'll see a link on the left hand column called Class Meetings. Click this link.
  2. In the content area that opens to the right, click Zoom Sessions.
  3. In the next window, you will see all your scheduled Zoom meetings, and links for "Previous Meetings" and "Cloud Recordings" (if you have not used this tool before, the lists may be empty).
  4. To schedule a new meeting, navigate to the top right side of the content area and click the blue button marked Schedule a New Meeting (Recommended Zoom Meeting Settings forthcoming).
  5. Once you have setup your Zoom meeting, click Save.
  6. This will take you to a new window that will give you the option to Start the meeting immediately, Edit the Meeting (update settings above), or create and add a Poll to the meeting. You will also find links to share the meeting using email or calendar apps.
  7. Once you have finished making any adjustments to this window, scroll to the top and click the Course Meetings link (just above the "Topic") to return to the landing page.
  8. You'll now see your newly created meeting.
  9. Next to the meeting, you'll see buttons to Delete and Start the meeting. Clicking the hyperlinked Topic of the meeting will take you back to the detail/edit screens described above.
Note: The student view will not offer any of these options. Instead, students will see the meeting topic and a button marked Join.


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