How to setup a Personal Zoom Kit

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What is a personal Zoom Kit?

How do I setup a kit that I received?


  • Faculty and Staff
  • MacOS or Windows laptop or desktop computer


Kit Contents

Personal Zoom kits are being handed out to faculty or staff who have requested either an external webcam, or a headset/microphone for use while remote learning, teaching or working. Each kit contains the following:

  • 1080p USB webCam with Microphone
  • Jabra headset with microphone
  • USB-powered LED ring light with adjustable brightness and light settings
  • USB hub to connect all of the devices together

Kit Assembly

All of the items in the kit are USB-based,  so they should be relatively plug-and-play.


One of two different USB hubs has been included in order to ensure that you have enough USB ports to plug everything into. There is either a USB-C hub (shown below) or a USB-A, or traditional, USB hub. Both work the same way, the difference is in the connection for the computer.

Open the USB ub and connect it to your computer. 


LED Light

The LED ring light needs some assembly. In the box there is the light itself, a tripod and in some cases an additional tripod and a mount designed for a smartphone. The later is out of scope of this document.

Plug the light kit into the USB hub.

On the cable of the light is a digital switch. Press the On/Off button to make sure the light powers on. You can also adjust the light temperature by pressing the Mode button, or the intensity by pressing the up or down arrow keys.

LED Ring Light with tripod detached

Take the light out of the package and screw one of the tripods into the base of the light.


The webcam is a generic-brand 1080p camera with a built-in microphone. Remove it from its packaging. You can unfold the base of the camera so that it mounts to the top of your monitor. Plug the camera into the USB hub.

Webcam in a box

Headset with Mic

The headset is a Jabra over-the-head headset with a microphone. It has an on-cord button that will allow you to mute your microphone and adjust the volume of the headphones up or down. Remove the headset from its packaging and ensure that you can easily fit the headset over your head and that the microphone boom adjusts correctly. Plug the headset into the USB hub.

Jabra headset in packaging


Zoom Setup

  • Once everything is plugged in and appears to be working, open the Zoom desktop client on your computer.
  • Log in to Zoom and click on the gear icon to access the "Settings Menu".
  • Click on Video on the left navigation menu.
  • Under "Cameras", select "General Webcam"

    • You should see a preview of the camera's input on the screen. (Hint: There is a protective film on the camera lens that should come off so things don't look blurry).
  • Click on Audio on the left navigation menu
  • Under "Speaker", change the drop-down to "Jabra EVOLVE 20"
  • Under the "Microphone" section, change the drop-down to "Jabra EVOLVE 20"

    Audio Settings


If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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