How to create an Assignment in Blackboard

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Assignments in Blackboard are created as Content Areas and are best used for assignments in which students must upload files. Assignments are added to Blackboard's Gradebook.

Creating An Assignment

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Step 1: Create the Content Area

  1. Click the small plus sign + in the upper left corner of the left-hand navigation menu. (This can be created in the assignments area of your course)
  2. Select Content Area.
  3. Give the assignment a name, check the box to make it available to all users, and click Submit.

Step 2: Create the Assignment

  1. Click on the assignment you just created.
  2. From the Assessments drop-down menu, select Assignment.
  3. Name the assignment (required) and type in any instructions you wish. You also have options to upload documents (such as instructions or rubrics), set due dates, allow multiple submission attempts, and set point values. Other settings can generally be left as their default.
  4. Ensure that the Making the Assignment Available box is checked.
  5. Click Submit.

Strategies for Creating Assignments

  1. Be sure to set the assignment type to Individual Submission or Group Submission in the assignment editor.
  2. Allowing multiple submission attempts can help avoid the issue of getting panicked emails from students if they have technical difficulties uploading an assignment on their first try. If you allow multiple submission attempts, be sure to set the Score Attempts using option to Last Graded Attempt.


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