How to print or "release" a PolarPrint document


  • How can I print something to a PolarPrint Printer?
  • How do I release a print job to a printer?
  • Where did the release stations go?


Most print release stations on campus have been removed in order to provide a cleaner and safer printing environment. All students, faculty and staff are able to print to a PolarPrint printer by emailing their print job or by uploading one using the online printing portal, PrintCenter.


In order to release a document to a PolarPrinter, you must use the PrintCenter website or the Pharos mobile app. The following steps will guide you through sending a document to a selected printer.

Release using the Pharos Mobile App 


  • Find and scan the QR code on the top or front of the printer. 


  • Tap Confirm and the print job will release to the printer. 

Release with using a Web Browser

Basic Print Release

  • While on campus, from any web browser, go to
  • Log in with your Bowdoin username and password. Do not use your full email address, just the portion before the
  • Once logged in, locate the documents that you'd like to print. You will only see documents belonging to you. If you see nothing in the list, you can upload a document using the Upload button.
  • Select the document(s) you'd like to print by checking the box next to each one.

    PrintCenter portal with document selected.
  • In the lower-right corner, click on Select a printer. A list of printers will appear. 
  • Search for a printer you'd like to print to. In the image below, we searched for the printers in the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library.

    Select a printer
  • Select the printer you'd like to use and then click Print.
  • Your document(s) will be sent to the printer you selected from the list.

Advanced Print Release

Once you're logged in to PrintCenter, you have some control over how a document is printed. You can change features such as duplex and simplex and you can change from black and white to color or color to black and white. You also have the option, in most cases, to preview the document to make sure that you're about to print the right one, saving you valuable printing funds.

To modify any of the settings before you print your document, select one from the list (you can only change one at a time), and then look at the lower-middle of the PrintCenter window. There you will see the options to choose your color type, the number of pages per side, whether to print double- or single-sided, how many copies you'd like to print and choose the page range to print. Each selection will have an effect on the total cost of the print job so be sure to look at the "Cost" column on your selected document.

Print job settings

Once you have made all of your modifications, and selected a printer, click Print.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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