The New Blackboard Learn Content Editor

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Beginning November 5, the content editor (what is used to type text, insert images etc.) will have a new look and a few new tools to choose from. The editor works better on both mobile devices and larger screens and there are several improvements for accessibility.

What to Expect in the New Content Editor in Blackboard

Video: The New Content Editor for Blackboard Learn


One place to add new content - the plus sign (formerly known as MashUps).


A different way to embed videos, links, and other media

Paste a link such as to a YouTube or Vimeo video on its own line, then press enter. The media will be automatically embedded in the page.

For other websites, paste a link into the editor and press enter, and the editor will grab the description and featured image from the site and automatically embed it.

An editor that works better on all devices

This includes including mobile and larger screens.  Things that previously used a popup window/tab will now open in the same one you’re editing your content in.

Improved accessibility 

A new accessibility checker helps you make more accessible content, and the editor itself is more accessible.

Better copy and paste

Choose to remove extra HTML but now keep basic formatting (eg headings, lists, links etc). Ideal for copying and pasting from Word.

Display formatted computer code 

Add formatted code snippets to pages directly into the editor.

And more…

  • Add multiple files of different types
  • Expanded emoticon library smiley
  • Editor expands vertically as you type
  • New table options
  • Spell checker updates
  • Easier HTML editing
  • Toolbar wrapping



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