How to install Managed Software Center on a personal computer

Managed Software Center is a utility that we use in order to provide a number of services to Bowdoin-issued laptops and student machines. The primary role of Managed Software Center is to provide self-service installation of some software without the need for IT intervention as well as to ensure that computers are current, patched and up-to-date.  

Managed Software Center for students and personal faculty and staff computers can be downloaded from IT's website. In order to download the software, a valid Bowdoin username and password are required.

Note: Managed Software Center is already installed on Bowdoin-issued computers. To learn more about using the application, go to "Software" below.

Installing Managed Software Center


  1. Visit our linked knowledge base page to download Managed Software Center. (Note: A Bowdoin College login is required)
 Follow The Instructions: Be sure to follow the instructions on the download page. If you do not, the name of the downloaded file will be a randomly generated name and might not be easily identifiable on your computer system.


 Restart Required: A restart will be required once the installation is complete so be sure to save all of your data and close all applications before continuing.
  1. Locate the downloaded file
  2. MacOS / OS X usually unzips the files once downloaded. If this has not happened, simply double-click the downloaded file to expand it.
  3. Double-click the installation package to start the installer
  4. Accept all of the defaults and restart the computer when complete.


Available Software

Software available for personal computers for faculty, staff and students is limited to the software licensed by the college to run on personal computers. PolarPrint public printers and some "freeware" applications are included for convenience.

Please note: On Bowdoin-issued computers, faculty and staff will see all of the above software options as well as additional productivity or course work applications that are licensed specifically for use on campus.


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