New account appears in macOS when PrintDeploy is installed


  • What is this new account that shows up when I install PaperCut?
  • Does PaperCut create a new user account in macOS?
  • Do I need this new account in macOS when I install PaperCut?


PaperCut Print Deploy is used on macOS and Windows to automatically or manually install printers that may be used on campus for use by faculty, staff, and students.


When PaperCut Print Deploy is installed on macOS, a new local account is created called "PaperCut Print Deploy Client Host User Standard". This account may show up in the "Accounts" pane in System Preferences. This account is NOT an admin and does not create a new home folder in the "Users" directory. The account should not be deleted as it is a special account that is used to install or remove printers as needed. If deleted, PaperCut Print Deploy will not work correctly.

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Mon 8/15/22 10:13 AM
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