My Tasks streamlined inbox for Sept 2022

With the new release, Workday introduces “MY TASKS,” a redesigned, streamlined Inbox that allows you to quickly find and complete tasks awaiting your attention.  Click on the Inbox icon at the top right of your Home page to open up My Tasks.

In My Tasks you can review All Actions awaiting your action, or Archived tasks (ones you have already handled like Time Entry) and Filters to look for tasks that are overdue, favorites, or those that have been delegated to you, etc. are on a separate tab.  Colleagues who manage Bulk Approval or Delegation tasks can also access those processes from this dashboard.

The most exciting feature of My Tasks is the ability to Search for an item by entering a search task (e.g., transfer, I-9) or a name (e.g., John Doe) and Workday will return all matching queries from All Items, Filters, and Archive.  You can still sort by the date of the task:  what is due soonest, oldest task, newest task but also decide how much information to display (less or more details (e.g., include effective date for the task)).         


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Thu 9/8/22 3:48 PM
Thu 9/8/22 3:48 PM