Print jobs not appearing at release stations

Question or Issue:

My print jobs or documents are not appearing on a release station when I swipe my OneCard or Print Card.


  • Printed from either OS X or Windows
  • Printed via email by using MobilePrint
  • Are a current student, faculty or staff member or have purchased a PrintCard from H&L LIbrary


Although there could be a variety of causes, there are two cases main reasons that your print job will not appear at a release station

  1. The use of an incorrect username for the print job
  2. The confirmation of the printing costs was not accepted


Incorrect Username

MacOS or Windows

  • When you submit your job to a PolarPrint printer, Pharos Popup will run asking for a username and a job name. The username entered must be one of the following two options
    • If you are a Bowdoin student, faculty or staff member, be sure to enter your Bowdoin username in the username field when asked. The username is the portion of your email address preceding the
    • If you are a guest and purchased a print card from the Library, be sure to enter the username printed on the face of the card in the username field when asked.

Printing via MobilePrint

  • When you submit a print job to PolarPrint via email from your mobile device or computer, you must send the email from your Bowdoin email address. This address is the one that is tied to your PolarPrint account. If you send from any other address, your print jobs will never appear at a release station
When you print via MobilePrint, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your print job is processing. If you do not receive this email, your job will not be at a release station.

Confirmation Dialog Not Accepted

Every print job that is sent, except those through MobilePrint, will return a cost for the job in a popup window. You must accept the cost in order to have the print job arrive at the release station. 

Be sure to click "Yes" when a box, similar to the one above, appears. You must click "Yes". If you notice, "No" is outlined. This is the default button so pressing Enter or Return will cancel the your print job.


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