Install PolarPrint Printers for macOS

Downloading and Installing Pharos software for Apple's macOS

The use of Bowdoin College PolarPrint printers for macOS requires the installation of one package which is described in the following steps.

Pleae Note: Pharos does not support Fast User Switching. Fast User Switching must be disabled on the Accounts pane in System Preferences before any Pharos software is installed.

Step 1 - Install Managed Software Center

Managed Software Center is required in order to install PolarPrint printers on macOS. You can follow the instructions located here to download and install Managed Software Center

Step 2 - Install Printer(s)

Once Managed Software Center has been installed, open the application (located at Applications - Managed Software Center) and click on "Categories" at the top of the window

Choose the  PolarPrint category

Locate the printer that you'd like to install (the printer location usually corresponds to the printer name) and click Install

When ready, click on the Updates icon across the top of the window. After a few moments of checking for other updates, the Cancel button will become an Update All button. Click that button and the printers you selected, along with any other required updates, will be downloaded and installed.


Step 3 - Printing to a PolarPrint Printer


  • When you send a print job to a public printer the Pharos popup window will appear. You must type in your Bowdoin username and a name for your print job. This is how you will identify your print job when you got to the Print release station next to the Public Printer.

Username Required