PolarPrint Software Drivers

Public PolarPrint printers require that a software package be installed before they can be used. These packages can be installed from anywhere but will only install correctly if you are on campus and either plugged in to the network via Ethernet cable or on wireless connected the BOWDOIN wireless network.

Connecting to BOWDOIN-GUEST or BOWDOIN-LEGACY will not work as they don't have access to the additional software packages required to complete the installation correctly.


Locate the printer you want to install from the list below and right-click the link next to. Choose "Save" or "Save as" to download the printer software.

Locate the printer software on your computer and run it (usually downloaded to your Downloads folder)

For Windows users, the software installer will go out to the network and download additional software as needed depending on which version of Windows you are running. OS X users will not need to download any additional software.

Once the software is installed, restart your computer. You will then be able to print to the printer you selected.


PolarPrint Printer Packages for Windows

For detailed instructions on installing a Windows printer package, look at our Windows instructions page.

Printer Name Printer Package
30 College Street 30CollegeStreet_for_Lte.exe
Reed House ReedHouse_for_Lte.exe
Stowe Inn StoweInn_for_Lte.exe
West Hall WestHall_for_Lte.exe
H-L Library Printers* H&LLibraryPrinters_for_Lte.exe
H-L Research
Art Library ArtLibrary_for_Lte.exe
Economics Library EconLibrary_for_Lte.exe
Gibson Music Library GibsonMusicLibrary_for_Lte.exe
Hatch Science Library HatchScienceLibrary_for_Lte.exe
Hatch Science Library Color HatchScienceLibrary_color_for_Lte.exe
Coastal Studies Farmhouse CoastalStudies_for_Lte.exe
Coles Lobby ColesLobby_for_Lte.exe
Coles Lobby Color  ColesLobbycolorQ_for_Lte.exe
Druckenmiller Atrium DruckAtrium_for_Lte.exe
Druckenmiller Atrium Color DruckenmillerAtriumColor_for_Lte.exe
Edwards Arts Center EAC115_for_Lte.exe
Hatch 102 Lab Hatch102_for_Lte.exe
Kanbar 101 Lab KanbarLab_for_Lte.exe
Moulton Union Lobby MoultonUnionLobby_for_Lte.exe
Searles 2nd Floor Searles2ndFloor_for_Lte.exe
Smith Union Lobby SmithUnionLobby_for_Lte.exe
VAC 3rd Floor Vac3rdFloor_for_Lte.exe
NEW Roux Center, 2nd Floor RouxCenter2ndFloor

* The H-L Library Printers software contains all 3 print locations in H-L including the main floor, the color printer in the basement and the black and white printer in the basement

PolarPrint Printer Package for OS X

The PolarPrint printer package for OS X is a single software package which can be downloaded and run multiple times. During installation you will be given the choice to select which printer(s) you'd like to install.

For more detailed instructions, look at our OS X printer package page.

Download the OS X Printer Package here.



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