How do I print from an Apple iWorks app on my iOS device


The following instructions walk you through how to print from Pages, Numbers or Keynote from an iOS device.

Step-by-step guide

Although you can't natively print from an iWorks App on an iOS device, you will still be able to print your documents by following these steps.

  • Once ready to print your document, tap the Send icon in the upper-right hand corner of the app
  • Tap Send a Copy from the menu of choices
  • Tap PDF from the list of formats to convert the document to. You could choose Word but PDF can capture all of the formatting as you intended it to be seen and Word might have a hard time doing so.
  • Tap the Email icon to open up a new email message with your document added as an attachment.
  • Fill out the email making sure that the From line is actually from your Bowdoin email account. Set the To field to one of the three email addresses that accept mobile printing.

From Address

It is very important that you set the FROM account to be your Bowdoin email address. If you do not use your Bowdoin email address as the address the message is sent from, you will not see the job at any print release station on campus.


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