Printing From an Integrated Release Station

On larger PolarPrint printers we have removed the separate release stations and integrated the release station software directly into the printer itself. This change greatly improves the clutter and complexity around our PolarPrint printers while still maintaining the ability to swipe and release print jobs as well as photocopy items.

The new release stations are installed and integrated directly on the printers using the exiting built-in printer displays as touch-screen release stations, similar to the black "Omega" stations that are located across campus.

Printing From an Integrated Release Station

Using one of the integrated release stations is similar to printing on the former release stations

  1. If the printer is sleeping, press the round "On" button on the right-hand side of the printer panel (directly underneath the "Main Power" light)
  2. Swipe your OneCard at the reader that is now attached to the printer, also to the right of the printer's display panel
  3. Select your print job(s) you wish to print from the list of print jobs displayed b tapping on them. Yours will be the only print jobs in the list. An "x" will appear in the box next to the print job once its selected
  4. Tap the Print button in the lower-left side of the screen. If you would simply like to print all of the displayed jobs, tap the Print All button.
  5. Once all of the jobs have printed, tap Logout on the lower right. You will be automatically logged off however it takes about 25 seconds for that to happen.


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