PolarPrint Troubleshooting

PolarPrint is powered by Pharos Systems. Most of the following steps involve investigating the Pharos software directly.

Troubleshooting Pharos Driver Issues

If you don’t see a Pharos Popup or Notify message after sending a print job to a public printer on a Mac OS X computer:

  • Pharos requires two services to be running on your Mac. You can check to see if they are running by using the Activity Monitor (Applications-->Utilities-->Activity Monitor) to make sure both Popup and Notify are in the list.  If you don’t see them: 
    • Make sure you have installed the latest MacOS Printer Package and selected at least one printer. (You can always re-run the installation to add other printers as well)  
    • Reboot your computer to restart the services.
  • Check System Preferences > Security > Firewall and make sure "Allow all incoming connections" is selected. (Port 515 and 28203 must be open in order for Pharos to work)
  • Pharos does not support the Fast User Switching on MacOS. Make sure Fast User Switching is disabled by: Clicking on Apple-->System Preferences-->Accounts.  Choose “Login Options” at the bottom & Uncheck Fast User Switching.
  • If you get a message when printing saying you need to run software update to install the latest drivers, run software updates (Apple-->Software Update)

Troubleshooting Pharos Release Station Issues

Insufficient Funds

Please contact OneCard if you receive this error. Bowdoin has adopted an "allocation, then charge" model for printing and copying.  This error usually occurs if all allocated prints have been used up and there are not enough funds in your OneCard account. See information about student printing allocations here on the OneCard website.

Unable to Contact PharosEDI

Re-swiping your ID card usually corrects the issue.  This error occurs because the release station lost connection to the server while in sleep mode.

Trouble With Release Station Software on Multi-function Printers

The release station software for multi-function printers is actually installed on the printer. If you experience an issue with the release station software, the general fix is to actually restart the printer, which will reload the software.

If you are still experiencing additional Pharos issues please contact STS at 721-5050, email us at sts@bowdoin.edu, or come see us in the basement of Thorne Hall, accessed through the Coles Tower lobby.


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