Two-Step Login Overview

What is two-step login?

Bowdoin has implemented two-step login to add a layer of security to Workday and/or Office 365 accounts.

Two-step login adds a second layer of security to your online accounts to prevent unauthorized logins.

In addition to your password, it requires that you confirm your login request by using a physical device to which a "hacker" would not normally have access, such as your smartphone, or home or office phone. Without both your password and a proper response on your second method of authentication, access to your account will be denied.

In this way, two-step login makes it harder for potential intruders to gain access and steal a person's personal data or identity, while adding only a minimal delay for you.

How does two-step login work at Bowdoin?

The following figure shows an overview of how two-step login works on the Bowdoin network.

Note: Bowdoin strongly recommends that you set up more than one option for secondary verification so that you have a backup. For example, you could set up option 1 on your smartphone and option 3 on your office phone. Then, if you forgot your cell phone one day, you could use your office phone as an alternate verification method. 

What are the risks/disadvantages of using two-step login?

  • Two-step login adds an additional verification screen that will require a little more time every time you log in to Workday and/or Office 365.
  • There is no easy way to bypass secondary verification once you set it up on your account. By significantly more complicated than resetting a password. So, if you use a verification option that requires your smartphone and you do not have access to your smartphone, you will NOT be able to log in to Workday and/or Office 365.

How do I get two-step login for my Workday and/or Office 365 account?

Two-step authentication is required for all logins to Workday, Office 365 and many other services. There is no need to make a special request.

What devices and operating system versions are supported?

The devices supported for two-step login depend on which option you choose for your secondary verification (see figure above).

  • Option 1: Use an app - The app is called Duo Mobile and it is free to download. It is available for Apple iOS (including Apple Watch), Google Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile 8.1 and 10. 
  • Option 2: Receive a text message - This option will work on any phone or device that can receive text (SMS) messages. No downloads or installations are required. If you are not sure whether your device can receive SMS messages, contact the
  • Option 3: Receive a phone call - This option is supported on all phones including landlines.
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