Bowdoin College Digitally Recorded Media Policy

The Digitally Recorded Media Policy documents Bowdoin's procedure for the proper handling and workflow of the master copies of all digitally video taped events.

Client Request
AV Services will receive and track all requests for event video taping that are initiated by Bowdoin community members.
1.    Methods are to either call 725-3612 or email
2.    All events that are requested by Non-Bowdoin people/groups will be handled by the Events & Summer Programs Office.

AV Services will work through all logistical issues such as equipment needed, staff and so on.  Particular attention will be paid to events that are to be video taped, in that:
1.    We will ask the requestor that the Media Release Form be signed by the presenter 48 hours in advance and be submitted to our office.  We will ask for a copy of the release form for events being handled by the Events Office.    
2.    The Media Release Form will reside on the Information Technology web page in a PDF format.  It is the responsibility of the requesting department to obtain the presenter's signature.
3.    Determine intent (Special Instruction Form): Pod cast, iTunes, DVD copy for client etc.  (NOTE: To curb unnecessary requests we will state on the AV Services web site that to produce the above is very labor intensive!)
4.    Notify the client that the Master Copy will be submitted to the LMC, then ultimately Archives.

AV Services Tapes the Event
1.    The Master Copy returns to the AV Services Office.
2.    Master Copy is paired with: Information, Release and Special Instruction Forms and sent to the LMC (Attn: Language Media Center Assistant) via interoffice mail.
**Note:  If there is no Release Form it will be stated so on the Information Form.

Media Commons Mini-DV to DVD Conversion
1.    If a Special Instruction Form is submitted a DVD copy will be made, then sent to the appropriate person (i.e. client, IT for pod casting, etc.).  Any Copyright issues will be addressed with the client at this time.
2.    IT purchased a Mini-DV deck and DVD duplicator for the LMC.  These items are committed solely to this function.

1.     After the academic year has ended the Master Copy, Information and Release Forms will be sent by the LMC to Archives (Attn: Special Collections and Archives Assistant).
2.    Anyone looking to obtain a copy of an event will be directed to Archives.
3.    A  Mini-DV Deck was purchased by IT for Archives to assist them with duplication requests.


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