How to setup your voicemail from your phone

If you are on campus, press the messages button on the lower right of your telephone.

If you are off-campus, dial YOUR direct phone number (e.g., 725-3030) and press * (asterisk).  You will be asked for your phone extension and pin. When you are welcomed to the messaging system, follow the same instructions below.

Follow the registration steps below to replace your temporary PIN, your name and optional personal greeting.  When you complete your voicemail set-up, the system will state: "Your mailbox has been set up. Please say voicemail, email, calendar, personal contacts, directory or personal options."

Voicemail Registration Recording

The first time you access the upgraded Voicemail system, you will be led through the voicemail registration process.  This process will allow you to change your PIN, enter your name and create your (optional) personal voicemail greeting.

The text in quotation marks ("") is what you will hear.  The bold text are the steps you should follow.

  1. To start the process, press the Message button on your desk phone.
  2. "Please enter your pin then press the pound (#) key." 
    NOTE: If you do not know your PIN, you can reset it in Webmail. Go to Webmail - Options - Phone and click the "Reset Pin" link.
  3. "If this is not your mailbox, press the star (*) key."  If you are working from any phone other than that on your desk, press the star (*) key.
  4. "Welcome to Outlook Voice Access setup where first time users can set up their voicemail box.
You were assigned a temporary PIN.
Let's replace your temporary PIN with a new one.
To continue press 1."  Press 1 on your telephone.
  5. "To hear this message again, press zero.
 Enter the new PIN now then press the pound (#) key.  Your new pin must contain only numbers and must be at least 6 digits long." 
Enter a 6 digit pin and press the pound (#) key.
  6. "To cancel press the star (*) key.
 To verify your new pin please re-enter it and then press the pound (#) key." Reenter your new pin, then press the pound (#) key.
  7. "Pin accepted.
 Now let's record your name and personalized greeting.
To record your name press one.
To use the pronunciation of your name provided by Outlook Voice Access press the star (*) key."  Press the 1 key so that you can record your name.
  8. "Please record your name after the tone.
When you have finished recording press the pound (#) key." Say your name and then press the pound (#) key.
  9. "To accept press one.
To re-record press two.
 To cancel and use the default Outlook Voice Access greeting press the star (*) key.
To repeat this menu press zero."  Press the option (1, 2, *, or 0) that meets your needs.
  10. "Recording accepted.
The personal greeting is played to callers who request to leave a message when your extension is either busy or there is no answer.
If you don't record a greeting a standard greeting that includes your name is played.
To record your greeting press one.
To cancel press the star (*) key."  Press 1 if you want to record a personal greeting, press star (*) to cancel.
  11. "Please record your greeting after the tone.  When you have finished recording, press the pound (#) key."  Say your greeting.  Press # when you're done recording.
  12. "Your mailbox has been set up.
Please say voicemail, email, calendar, personal contacts, directory or personal options." 
You can hang up at this point or go to one of the options mentioned.

Reference Sheet

A complete list of both telephone keypad and voice options can be viewed on the "Summary of Voicemail Options" sheer attached to this article.



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