Scanning to a network folder


To lower the amount of storage taken up by scanned documents and to help alleviate document name collision (what happens when one document is trying to save and has the same name as a document that already exists), the following workflow or process is recommended.


  • Place your document on the MFU's scan bed or in the multi-sheet feeder
  • Select the location where you'd like to save the document from the list of target locations in the address book. If your location is not there, request it to be added using the service request form linked to this document.
  • (optional) Provide a name for the document. If you do not provide a name, the printer will provide one made up a long string of numbers, usually relating to the date and time.
  • (optional) Set the paper size and/or scan type. The default type is PDF and the default size is usually set to auto-detect.
  • Scan your document


  • The document is processed by the scanner and sent to an intermediary server where it will sit for up to 5 minutes.
  • An automated process runs every 5 minutes or so and moves stored documents to their end locations. 
    NOTE: It because of the timing involved, documents can take up to 15 minutes to arrive in the intended SCANS folder

Document Pick-up

  • After the document arrives in the SCANS folder on your network drive, copy it to your local computer or elsewhere on your network folder and then delete the document from the SCANS folder.
    It is very important that the SCANS folder remain empty. There should be no files or folders left in the SCANS folder other than those placed there by IT. If the folder is not empty, documents could get backed up and never arrive on the network because of a name collision. This happens when the newly scanned document has the same name as one that already exists on the network. It is also good maintenance in order to keep the number of copies of a single document stored on the network to a minimum.


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