Download Mathematica for personal use

Mathematica For Home Use

Faculty and Staff

Bowdoin's Mathematica license includes home use (on personally-owned computers) by faculty and staff. To use Mathematica at home or to upgrade your existing home license, just visit the Wolfram registration site. You may request a new license, or you may upgrade or renew an existing license. Please use your "" email address when requesting the license. Wolfram will verify your status at Bowdoin, and then send you the appropriate password.




Bowdoin's Mathematica license includes students! Students should follow the installation instructions below. 

Installation instructions (for use on a personally-owned computer):

  1. Go to the Wolfram User Portal download site. Sign in if you already have a Wolfram account. Otherwise, select "Create Account."
  2. Fill out the requested information in the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form.
  3. Check your Bowdoin email for a link to download the installer.
  4. Download the installer for your platform (Mac, Windows or Linux).
  5. Launch the installer and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

For more information about Mathematica, including product demonstrations and instructions, visit the Wolfram website.


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