Using NetPublish in Portfolio

After creating a website with NetPublish

To create a "friendly" URL for the website before you send the link out, contact Craig Bowden and John Duggan.
The regular URL that Portfolio generates looks like this:
To set an expiration date on the site (if applicable), contact John Duggan.

Step 1. Create a Gallery with the images you want included in the NetPublish site:

1. Right-click in the Galleries list and choose "New Gallery…" or "New Smart Gallery…

A Smart Gallery is automatically updated based on search criteria you assign so when new items are added to a catalog, they will be automatically added to the Gallery. In a regular gallery, you'll have to move new items into the Gallery if you wanted them included in the NetPublish website.

2. Indicate whether the Gallery is Public or Private. Note: This setting does not impact the NetPublish site, it only affects the Gallery you are creating.

If the Gallery is Private, only you will be able to see it. If the Gallery is Public, you can make it read-only and then you will be the only one who can add/delete items in the Gallery.

Step 2: Add images to the Gallery

  1.  Drag the images you want into the Gallery. You can add images from different folders within a catalog, but you cannot add images from different catalogs.

If you created a Smart Gallery, the images will be added automatically.

Step 3. Create the NetPublish site from the Gallery

  1. Select the Gallery you just created.

  2. Click NetPublish > Create New Site.

  3. Enter a name for the site.

  4. Change other settings as required.

Step 4. Publish the website

1. Click Publish Now.

Step 5. Modify the URL

  1. Portfolio will generate the NetPublish website and display the URL. For example, if you named the website Posters, the URL format will be:
  2. Copy and/or bookmark the URL so you can send it to the people who need access. The link will work for anyone on the Bowdoin network. If you need to send the URL to users outside the Bowdoin network, you must send them a "friendly" version. To create the "friendly" version, take the link that Portfolio generates and replace the beginning “” with “”.

    For example, - works internally - works for everyone

  3. To set an expiration date on the site (if applicable), contact John Duggan.


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