Overview and Installation of Digital and Computational Studies Software

Students who are interested in installing many of the applications used in DCS classes can do so on their Apple computers.

All software is available through Bowdoin's Managed Software Center or freely available online. You can install Managed Software Center on your own by clicking here  or stop by Student Technical Services if you need assistance.


Python 3

R for OSX

  • Run Managed Software Center
    • Search for R for OSX
    • Click install software


  • Requires installation of Java (JDK) 8 from Managed Software Center
  • Run Managed Software Center
    • Search for Gephi 
    • Click install software


  • Requires installation of Anaconda (Python 3) and R for OS X from Managed Software Center
    • Run Managed Software Center
      • Search for Jupyter
      • Click install software
  • This will copy a script called JupyterInstall.sh into your Application Folder
  • Open Terminal.app located in /Applications/Utilities
  • Run the install script by typing '/Applications/JupyterInstall.sh' without quotes into the Terminal windows and pressing the Return key.
  • Enter your password if prompted.
  • If prompted to install Xcode command line tools install them and run /Applications/JupyterInstall.sh again.


Hint: If you are going to be installing any or all of the packages above, you don't have to install each package individually. Locate each package and click Install as instructed above. When you've selected all of the packages you want to install, go to the "Updates" tab and then click Update All.



If you have trouble installing the packages above through Managed Software Center, please visit Student Technical Services located in the IT offices in the basement of Thorne Hall.


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