Jumpstart to Summer

Jumpstart to Summer Technical Training Series

The Jumpstart to Summer Technology Training Series focuses on the skills students need to be successful at summer jobs on campus and offers staff a chance to learn new applications or brush up on the programs they've used in the past.

If you missed it this year, don't worry. All the classes are available by request for individuals or small groups. Contact Amy Kerr (akerr@bowdoin.edu, ext. 4245) to set up a time.


Working in CMS, Bowdoin's Web Content Management System

The good news is Bowdoin’s web site is getting a redesign! In this class, we will go over how to edit our existing web site using the College’s web content management system while at the same time covering topics to help prepare web content for the new web site. You will be introduced to the CMS, learn how to locate pages and files within your site and how to edit, save, and publish updates you make. This is a hands-on class where you will be able to work in your own department site and practice using good web guidelines.

Basic Image Editing in Photoshop

Geared for beginner level Photoshop users, this workshop covers the basic tools and techniques for editing images and exporting them for print and online use. Students will learn how to resize and crop images; combine multiple images; and add text and shapes to images.

Basic Page Layout in InDesign

InDesign is a powerful tool for creating posters, flyers, brochures, and interactive PDFs. This workshop reviews tools and techniques for designing basic page layouts. Students will learn how to import and format text; manipulate graphics; build tables; and add interactive elements.

Introduction to iMovie

In this class we will take an introductory look at using iMovie, Apple’s entry level video editing software. Learn how to create projects that include video and audio assets along with titles, transitions and special effects.

How to Use Studio A for Audio Recording

Have you ever wanted to record high quality audio for one of your projects? Whether for a podcast or a voiceover track for a video project, the professional audio software and equipment in Studio A of the Media Commons can help you achieve your goal.

Due to the size of the room this course is one-on-one and is by appointment only. To schedule this training, contact Paul Benham, pbenham@bowdoin.edu.

Using Media Clips with Ensemble and Blackboard

This session will demonstrate workflows for acquiring media clips from various sources, manipulating them with a variety of software tools, and using Ensemble, the College's video management system and Blackboard to publish them for viewing.

Introduction to Qualtrics Online Surveys

Learn how to construct online surveys, distribute them to respondents, and report on results.

Introduction to R

This session offers a brief introduction to R Statistical Software. Participants will learn how to open data in R, manipulate that data, perform basic statistical analyses, and create rudimentary data visualizations. We will also discuss how to find and add extensions (called packages) to R.

Office 365 and Teams

This course highlights applications (including Teams) in Office 365 that facilitate collaboration and communication between co-workers. Each participant will have a chance to explore different options for file sharing, setting up task assignments, and messaging.

Excel Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs allow you to communicate information visually and provide new insights into your information. Learn how to create and modify charts, graphs, and tables, and then add them to spreadsheets or other Office documents. This course covers chart types, axles, labels, legends, and exports.

Excel Pivot Tables

Pivot tables in Excel are a powerful tool that can be used to analyze, sort, filter, and present data. They provide a dynamic view into information for making decisions. Learn how to create and manipulate data in pivot tables. This course is appropriate for beginner users of Excel, but participants should have some familiarity with basic spreadsheets.


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