How to access your personal website via SFTP

When using an FTP client to publish web pages to your personal web space or to connect to your network files, make sure your FTP client is using Secure FTP. Some of the more popular FTP clients are listed below with directions for changing the settings to Secure FTP.

NOTE:  Bowdoin's SFTP Server's Hostname is:

To use an SFTP client from off campus to connect to Bowdoin, you will need to be connected via VPN.

Cyberduck (MacOS)

  1. Click on "Open Connection."
  2. Choose "SFTP" from the Protocol menu.
  3. Type "" for the server.
  4. Type in your Bowdoin username and password.
  5. Click Connect.

Fetch (MacOS)

Click on "File/New Connection."

  1. Type "" for the hostname.
  2. Type your Bowdoin username.
  3. Choose Connect using "SFTP" from the pull down menu.
  4. Type your password.
  5. Click the Connect button.

Cute FTP (MacOS)

  1. From the site manager click "New Connection."
  2. Type "" for the host name.
  3. Type in your Bowdoin username and password.
  4. Click the Connect button.


FileZilla (Windows)

  1. Click "File/Site Manager."
  2. Click "New Site."
  3. Type "" for the host.
  4. Choose "Normal" for Logontype.
  5. Type in your Bowdoin username and password.
  6. Click the Connect button.


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