How to access and use the IT Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Articles

When you want to find how-to guides, instructions or general information about IT, IT Services or how to use technology on campus, you can browse or search the the IT knowledge base. Access the IT knowledge base by going to then access the knowledge base or specific articles by:

  1. Clicking on Browse the Knowledge Base
  2. Clicking on the Knowledge Base menu item
  3. Searching for a topic using the search field
        Screenshot of the home page of the IT Client Portal with numbers pointing to the Browse the Knowledge Base button, the Knowledge Base menu bar item and the search bar.

Knowledge Base Categories

Knowledge base articles are organized into categories and sub-categories. You can browse and drill-down to categories as you find an area of interest.


Sharing Knowledge base Articles


If you find an article that may be of particular interest to you or a co-worker, you can log in to the system by clicking the "Log In" link to the right of the search box and then clicking the "Share" button.


Rating Knowledge Base Articles


If you find an article particularly useful, or if you do not, you can use the buttons at the bottom of each knowledge base page to let us know by clicking Yes or No.


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