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In Cascade 8 many of the folders control what you see on your navigation including how things appear in order. You can reorder your navigation by changing the order of files or folders.

Video courtesy of Hannon Hill

To reorder items in a folder:

  1. Select the top level folder that contains the items you want to reorder.
    1. For top-level navigation, click on the top folder in your list that has your department name on it.
    2. For sub-navigation items, click on the top folder for that section.
  2. A list of the items in that folder or your site will appear on the left.
  3. Sort the assets by folder or page order by clicking the Order column.
  4. Select an item and use the Move to TopMove UpMove Down, or Move to Bottom arrow buttons at the top of the list.
  5. You can also click on an asset and drag it into place in the list to reorder it.

*Tip: Not seeing the Move Up, Move Down buttons? Make sure to click on the Order column.



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