How to use a bypass code with Duo 2-step authentication


From time to time, you may either be traveling or forget your mobile phone somewhere. When you you try to log in to Workday or Office 365 you realize you are not allowed since you don't have your mobile device to allow for the 2-step challenge and response required. What can you do? Contact the Service Desk! The Service Desk can provide you with a short-term use bypass code that you can use to log in to any system protected by 2-step authentication. We are unable to provide you a bypass code through email due to security concerns so please contact us either by phone at (207) 725-3030 or by chat. Be prepared to answer some additional questions so that we can verify your identity.


How to use a bypass code

Once you receive your bypass code, follow the steps below in order to enter it. These same steps can be used to enter a code provided by the Duo app or through a Duo RSI token rather than a push or text notification.

  • When you enter your username and password on a service protected by 2-step authentication, a Duo window will open. In order to use a code, click Cancel

  • Scroll down within the small window and choose "Enter Passcode"

  • Enter the provided bypass code or code displayed on your mobile device or token and click Login

  • If the code is correct and still valid, you will be allowed to continue logging in.


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