Supported email clients with 2-step authentication


Unfortunately, not all email software (clients) and email services support 2-step authentication. The following is a list of email clients along with an indication if 2-step works and has been tested, if it is supposed to work and has not been tested and those that do not work.

Email clients that work with 2-Step and have been tested

  • (Office 365)
  • Outlook for Mac 2016 (and newer)
  • Outlook for Windows 2016 (and newer)
  • Outlook for iOS (requires iOS 11 or newer)*
  • Apple's Mail app (with MacOS Mojave 10.14 or newer)
  • Apple's Mail app for iOS (required iOS 11 or newer)*

Email clients that do not work with 2-Step

  • Spark email
  • Apple's Mail app (all versions of MacOS 10.13 and earlier)
  • Any client that requires the use of the IMAP such as Thunderbird
  • Any client that requires the use of POP such as GMail
  • Early versions of Outlook including Outlook 2013

* See Apple's support page for a list of all hardware that can install iOS 11.


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