Navigating the Outlook Online Calendar

The Outlook Online Calendar works similarly to the Exchange calendar you're familiar with. The new calendaring experience provides some improved features and new functionality within a web browser experience – particularly, the ability to add an online component to a meeting using Microsoft Teams. There are other useful capabilities like importing externally or internally published calendars, e.g. the football schedule of your favourite team, or a list of national or religious holidays. 

Below are instructions about a few key calendar functions.

Navigation Notes on Outlook Online Calendar

  • The left side of the window displays a monthly calendar and a list of all the calendars associated with your account. It includes all of your personal calendars, any calendars shared with you by someone else and any Team or Group calendars that you may be a member of.
    • Colour coding helps you to determine which selected calendar corresponds with displayed events.
  • The top navigation bar provides additional functionality:
    • New Event – to add a new meeting or appointment
    • Share – Select Share to share your calendar with others or groups
    • Print – Print your weekly calendar have an option to print any selected calendar.
  • Different Calendar Views
    • At the top right of the window, options to see the calendar in Day / Work Week / Week / Month views are selectable. You can also select Split View which will allow you to see selected calendars in their own panes rather than overlayed on a single calendar view.
  • Pressing the TODAY icon will return to today’s schedule of events.

Calendar events appear in the main body of the screen. Note that there are “weather-related” icons for 5-day date ranges. Including weather forecast information is an optional setting that be toggled on and off.


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