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Why are we changing the login experience?

Information Technology is changing the campus-wide login experience in order to provide an extra layer of security for everyone on campus. While the new login window will look different, you will still have instant access to all your applications with one username and one password, as you do today. 

What will the changes look like?

Here is what you currently see, when signing into many applications, such as Workday or Blackboard:


Beginning July 30, 2019, you will see a new Login page.

Update: On April 7th we made a change to the login. Instead of the username and password being on the same page, they're now on two pages.

  • The first page you will enter your bowdoin email address in the username field:  

  • Click nex to get to  the second screen and enter your Bowdoin Password.

  • click Verify 

Other ways to sign in

A new Login Portal

Bowdoin already has what is referred to as "Single Sign-On" (SSO) in place today. You may have noticed that this technology allows you to log in once with your username and password to access multiple website programs and applications without being asked for your login information again for a period of time. That will not change, but the login experience will look a little different. The new Login Portal, "" will also allow you to see your work programs and applications all in one place.

You will be able to sign in to and manage and access all your website programs and applications from a new Login Portal, which will look like this:

How will this affect my work?

Aside from a new look, this will not affect your work. Initially, Information Technology will be moving over the programs and applications that are most frequently used, including:

  • Workday
  • Blackboard
  • Handshake
  • Tableau
  • TeamDynamix
  • Druva
  • Adobe
  • Zoom
  • StatusHub
  • Smartsheet

About two dozen other applications will be moved over in the months to to follow. During this period, you may see two different login pages depending on what application or program you are accessing: the current black and white login page for the programs that have not yet been moved over and the new white and blue login page for those that have. For either login page, you will still use your current username and password. We encourage people to actively use the new Login Portal, "" to make this transition easier.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions and Schedule of Applications Moving to New Login.


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