How to search for an address while scanning to email


Not all email addresses are available in the addressbook of a printer. In order to scan to email, you will either need to manually enter an email address or you can search for any address within the Bowdoin global address list. These instructions walk you through looking up an address for emailing a scanned document.


To begin, be sure that you are in the scan interface on the printer by either pressing the physical SCAN button or tapping on Scan on the touch screen of the printer.

If you are scanning from a public printer, you might need to swipe your OneCard before you can access the scan feature. You will not be charged for scanning.
  • Tap on the Email tab on the screen and then tap the Search Dest. button

    Tap on the email tab and then the Search Dest. button
  • Once on the "Search Destination" screen, tap on the button that says "Bowdoin College"

    Tap on the Bowdoin College button
  • Tap on the Name or E-mail Address button in order to search either by name or email.

    Tap Name or E-mail Address to each by either
  • Enter your search parameters (in this case a first name) and tap OK

    Enter search parameters and tap OK
  • Once back on the search screen, tap Start Search

    Tap Start Search
  • A list of results will be returned. Scroll through the pages until you find the address you want to use and then tap on it to select it. Once selected, tap OK.

    Scroll to find the address you want. Tap to select it and then tap OK
    Note: You can also select other addresses for the CC field or the BCC field as needed.
  • You will be returned to the main Scan screen. From here, you can scan your items as you normally would. Once your scanning is complete, the items will be processed and sent via email to the selected recipient(s).



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