The Promotion Tool is used to better publicize (and, well, promote) Bowdoin events online, enabling you to add a catchy title, detailed description, and featured image to your event. Promotion works with the EMS room reservation system to populate the calendar information posted at https://www.bowdoin.edu/calendar/ (and on event feeds across the bowdoin.edu website).

Any event that is listed on the Bowdoin Calendar can be "managed" using the Promotion Tool.

How to Log In

  1. Visit https://apps.bowdoin.edu/calendar/promotion/index.jsp and log in with your Bowdoin credentials.
  2. If you do not have an account — or are having issues logging in, please submit a service request.


Once you have logged in, you will see all of the confirmed events you've submitted through the room reservation process (indicating that you want the event to appear on the Bowdoin calendar) and the "submit an event to the calendar" form. If you have submitted an event through these forms and do not see it, please contact the Events and Summer Programs team.

The customizable fields for each event are summarized here.

Details Tab Icon

Event Title

This title will overwrite what you've submitted through the room reservation form. For example, if you reserved your room using a generic title like "Upcoming Lecture," in Promotion you can now add the speaker's name and the title of their talk.

Naming your event is important; make sure to highlight what is unique and keep it relatively brief. 

Choose an Audience

Using the dropdown menu, select an audience. This is required for the event to appear on the calendar.

Add/Update a Summary

You can leave this field blank; it is no longer used.

Add/Update a Description

Add a full description of the event here. Use the formatting buttons to add bold and italics as needed, as well as links to registration pages, back to your office site, etc.

To avoid formatting problems, try pasting plain text from TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (PC). If your description keeps disappearing, make sure there are no strange characters in your source code. For best results, do not paste directly from Microsoft Word or Outlook.

To submit your event details, click on the Update Event Details button.

Image TabUpdate Image

Click on the image tab. Here, you can upload a featured image for the event. In many cases, this will be a poster image or a headshot. You can also use other relevant photography, but make sure you have the rights to use the image you upload.

Images must be in .jpg format and must be under 2MB. If they do not meet these size requirements, they will not appear.

To add a photo, click on Choose File. Select your image. Then click on Upload Photo.

You can ignore the "if this image is an event poster..." question. This is no longer used.

Pin to Calendars Tab 

You can "pin" your event to show on one or more of the calendars you own. 

Click on the "Pin to Calendars" tab. Calendars to which you have permission to pin will appear here. Check the categories that apply to this event.

Recommend Tab 

You can recommend that your event appear on other department/office calendars that you do not manage.

Click the "Recommend" tab. Check the box next to the calendars you would like your event to appear on. The person managing that calendar will receive an email and decide whether or not to list the event on their calendar or not.  


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