Setup Duo Two-Step on New Phone or Tablet


Follow the steps below to set up Duo two-factor authentication on a new smartphone or tablet. If you got rid of your old device, you must use backup codes or a Duo token to authenticate before adding your new device to your account.

Set up a new phone or tablet: 

  1. Using a computer, go to a

  2. Sign in and authenticate through the Okta single sign-on portal using your old device, a backup code, or a Duo token. If you have the same phone number, you can also use sms or a phone call to authenticate with your new device (you may need to cancel the auto push to access these). If you don’t have access to one of these options, you must call the Service Desk at 207-725-3030.

  3. When you see the Duo authentication prompt screen, click the Add New Device link.

  4. Add your new smartphone or tablet to your Duo account.
    Note: If you enabled Duo Restore on your old device, you can connect your Duo account to your new phone or tablet instead of going through the setup process again.

  5. After you’ve added your new device, you can remove your old device from your account.






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