How to uninstall Pharos Popup from macOS


If there are errors when trying to print to an installed PolarPrint printer, you may need to uninstall Pharos Popup and then re-install it again.


Note: All PolarPrint printers will be removed when you uninstall Popup and they will have to be installed again before they can be used. To re-install a PolarPrint Printer from Managed Software Center, locate the printer, click "Uninstall" to clear out any old receipts and then click "Install" to re-install the printer, including Popup.
  1. Open Finder and select Macintosh HD, or your primary hard drive, from your desktop. (If Macintosh HD or your hard drive is not on your desktop, see the instructions at the end of this document.)
  2. Select Library - Application Support - Pharos - Utilities
  3. Double-click the Uninstaller application and check the box next to Pharos Popup. Click Continue.
  4. Click Continue again and enter an administrator Name and Password as requested.
  5. Once the application has finished, click Done.
  6. Pharos Popup should now be uninstalled and remote printers should be removed.

How you show Macintosh HD on your desktop

  1. Click on your desktop then click on Finder in the menu bar and choose Preferences
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Under "Show these items on the desktop", select Hard disks
  4. Macintosh HD will now appear on your desktop.


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