Email Changes for Emeritus and Other Bowdoin Accounts

On February 18, 2020, all Emeritus and grandfathered family email accounts will be moved to Microsoft Office 365.

Why Bowdoin Is Making This Change?

In late-2018, the College began migrating email accounts from an on-campus email system to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office365 environment. 

Office 365 provides more robust spam filtering and threat protection than the College could reasonably provide via an on-campus solution. In addition, Office 365 provides a number of other benefits for current students, faculty, and staff, and allows the College to dispense with much of the time-consuming maintenance and significant expense of operating its own email system. 

 Since then, the Information Technology department has successfully migrated all student, faculty, and staff accounts to Office 365. 


How The Change Will Affect You?

New Email

Your account will be migrated during the early morning hours of February 18, to minimize any disruption time. When you access your account that day, your account – including all of your messages, calendar entries, and contacts -- will have been migrated to Office 365, to join our student, faculty, and staff accounts.

Beginning on February 18, you will access your Bowdoin email by going to  in most modern web browsers, such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and clicking on "Microsoft Office 365 Mail". You won't be able to configure an email client such as Outlook or Apple's Mail app, however the new web version looks and feels very much like a traditional email client.

New Sign In Experience

When you browse to for the first time, you will see Bowdoin's new sign in experience designed to protect your Bowdoin account and make it more difficult for hackers or identity thieves to gain access to your account or information. This new experience is delivered in two parts, Okta and Duo.


On the new sign in page, enter your account credentials and follow the prompts to register with the Okta service.


Configure two-step authentication through the Duo Security service by clicking the “Configure factor” button and answering the questions. 

 More Information

For more information and walk-through instructions, click the article on the right titled "Register For New Login Experience".

  What Can I do now?

There are a few things that can be done before February 18.

  1. Please visit  if you have not done so to confirm receipt of the email message sent and answer a one-question survey.
  2. Pre-register for the Okta sign in experience by going to and following the prompts. 
  3. Pre-register for Duo two-step authentication.

Remember, if you would like walk-through instructions for enrolling in Okta and Duo, click the article on the right titled "Register For New Login Experience".


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