Upcoming Enhancements in Workday

The following enhancements are included in the newest release of Workday and will go into effect March 7, 2020:

Workday Assistant

Workday Assistant allows you to perform some Workday tasks and retrieve information in Workday by simply having a text chat conversation.  For example, you can request Administrative Exception time, update your direct deposit, or view your payslip by clicking on the Assistant icon in the lower right of your Workday home page and it automatically helps you navigate to the appropriate place in Workday!   If the Workday Assistant cannot assist you, then you will be referred to our Workday Resource Page.  Check it out!


View absence balances in timesheets

A new View Absence Balances button now displays within the timesheet entry screen for Hourly (Benefits Eligible) employees.  Selecting the button will display Sick and Vacation balances (Family Care Time and Personal Time balances are still available within the Time or Team Timesheet Worklet).


Edit and delete Quick Expense/Receipts

Users can now edit and delete Quick Expense/Receipts that were added by the Workday mobile app. Learn how.

Delegates can now create, edit and transfer Quick Expense/Receipts for accounts that they have delegate access to. Learn how.


Enhanced payroll information within Mobile Pay Home

The new Mobile Pay Home page makes it easier and faster to find payment information, drill into pay details and obtain PDF versions.  To see this new view, either UPDATE or INSTALL the Workday app on your mobile device.  Please refer to Installing the mobile app instructions for guidance.



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