PolarPrint Printing Issue


PolarPrint is Bowdoin's public printing system. Power by Pharos UniPrint, PolarPrint allows faculty, staff, students and guests to print to one of several public printers placed around the campus. 

Printing errors do occur from time to time. To request service and assistance with a printing issue related to PolarPrint, click on the Request Service button on the right.

Available To

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests who have purchased a print card from the H&L Library

Service Promise

IT Staff will work to assist with the particular printing issue. In some cases we may need to call for additional support, especially in the case of hardware issues with a particular printer.



Service ID: 16708
Thu 12/15/16 2:52 PM
Fri 4/21/17 3:25 PM