BOWDOIN-LEGACY Wireless Network Registration


Game consoles including the Sony PS3, PS4, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii U and Switch, most media streaming devices such as a Roku Streaming Stick+, the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire Stick and smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo need to be registered in order to be able to access the wireless network. These type of devices are not able to join the BOWDOIN wireless network because of limitations in each devices operating system. Bowdoin provides the BOWDOIN-LEGACY wireless network for this purpose. In order for a device to join this wireless network, the MAC or machine address must be registered.

NEW! Any wireless Roku streaming device will need to be registered in order to gain access to the BOWDOIN-LEGACY network.
Note: Only devices such as video game consoles need to be registered. Smartphones, laptops and other devices capable of using WPA2 Enterprise wireless do not need to be registered on the BOWDOIN-LEGACY network. For those devices, you should connect to the BOWDOIN wireless network when on campus.

Available Options

Each device will have its own way to find the MAC address, usually within the Settings/Wireless Network section.  The MAC address is represented as a sequence of numbers and letters, usually in this format -- 1a-08-11-eb-c7-42.  If you are unsure how to obtain the MAC address for you device an online search engine will help.  Since the operating system of each device can change how you access your MAC address please follow the latest information available online.  If you are having trouble locating the address please contact or call the help desk at 725-3030. 

Once you have obtained your MAC address, click the button in the upper-right titled "Register Device" and fill out the form. Once submitted, we will register the address for you and send you a message back when its complete and when you should be able to join the network.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Service and Support

Adding a device to the BOWDOIN-LEGACY network with be for on campus use only. We make every attempt to fulfill the request within 2 business days but during busier times of the year, such as the start of each semester, those times may stretch to 3 business days.