Request an Independent Contractor Account

An Independent Contractor is defined by the Controller’s office at the following URL If requested, each Independent Contractor is issued one account; the account is not to be shared with multiple Independent Contractors. Account permissions and access vary depending on requests and approval. All submissions and approvals for Independent Contractor accounts must be completed through the process provided by the controller’s office. In the event of early completion of contract, IT is to be notified immediately for account deactivation.

Options Available

Controller’s office should contact the Service Desk, IT Security or use the form on the right.

Required Attributes

  • Full Name of contractor
  • Description containing purpose of account and work order number
  • Duration of collaboration; maximum of one year
  • Special permissions required i.e. microwave access, mailbox

Available to

Staff or Faculty with Controller's office approval

Service Promise

Accounts will remain active for a 90-day period unless otherwise specified in which case the maximum duration is one year. Accounts can be extended thought the account extension request form. The request will be completed within 2 business days after approval.



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