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Conference phones are available to be installed in conference rooms or meeting spaces upon request. Conference phones are generally great for outbound calls or if you are receiving a call from a single individual or service. If you are hosting a conference call that requires others to dial in to a central area, please also request a conference bridge or speak with someone at the Service Desk for a solution.

We do ask that conference phones be requested 3 days in advance of the meeting to ensure that we don't overbook the few devices we have available.

To request a conference phone, click the Request Conf. Phone button on the right.


You should let us know the room where the conference phone is needed, the date and time and if you need a conference bridge or not.

Available To

Conference phones can be requested by all faculty and staff.

Service Promise

We will work to place the conference phone in the space requested within a 2 hours before the requested time and will make sure it works before leaving.

We do ask that you request a conference phone at least 1 week prior to your event. We provide conference phones on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you request a phone, the better chance your request will be fulfilled.


Request Conf. Phone


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