Account Extension


Information Technology provides email accounts to all current faculty, staff and students. If you leave the college, either by graduating, relocation or other means, your account will be deactivated within a certain period of time following your scheduled departure.

You may request an account extension if you feel you need more time with the contents of your account. In all cases approval will be required before the extension is granted. Fill out the form by clicking Request Service on the right to make your request.

Please note: By filling out the Request Service form on the right, you agree to abide by Bowdoin Computer and Network Usage policy during this extension.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is my account deactivated?

  • Student Accounts: Deactivated on October 31st of graduation year, or for non-graduates, within 30 days of leaving college
  • Employee Accounts: Deactivated on the termination date determined by HR

Can I extend my account?

You can fill out the form to request that your account be extended for up to 30 days (Students may request up to 90 days). All account extensions must be authorized. Student extensions are authorized by the Dean of Student Affair's Office. Employee extensions are authorized by Human Resources and/or Dean of Academic Affairs.

Can I have more than one extension?

A graduate may request an extension renewal by clicking the Request Service link on the right. The extension request must be submitted prior to the original request expiring.  

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