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Most full-time faculty and staff are provided a single computer, either a laptop or a desktop, as their primary workstation. The computer equipment is managed and maintained by Information Technology and is replaced every fours years. This standard offering for desktop computers includes an all-in-one computer, keyboard and mouse. The standard offering for laptops includes one external monitor and docking station or multi-port adapter, external keyboard and mouse. Additional equipment or external peripherals can be requested by using the Request Additional Hardware link on the right.

Available To

Any full-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff member may request additional hardware for their computer workstation. Keep in mind that most additional items are the financial responsibility of the department and the department will be charged for the full cost of the item(s) ordered.

Service Promise

Once approved, we will work to get the hardware to you within 10 business days. Hardware availability, staff availability and shipping may extend this time at certain times of the year.

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