Configure MFU to Scan to Email


The ability to scan to an email address, is available on most of the College's Ricoh printers. The process allows you to scan your document rather than copying it, and sending the scanned document to either a pre-determined email address or you can search the Bowdoin College directory for an address to send to.

Available To

The service or ability to scan to an email address is available to faculty, staff and students (in a couple of locations) but the ability to request the addition of additional locations or to configure a printer that isn't set up to do this is available to faculty and staff only.

Service Promise

Once we verify that the printer is capable of scanning to email, we will have the new network folders and the printer configured within 5 business days.

Request Scan-to-Email


Service ID: 37630
Tue 8/6/19 9:31 AM
Tue 8/6/19 9:46 AM