Student Technology Requests for Spring 2021


Most classes for the Spring 2021 semester are going to be held online. We understand that not every student may have a home computer or other technologies that are well suited for extended use. Bowdoin is committed in helping where we can to ensure that all students can participate in their classes and are willing to allow students to borrow some technologies for the fall semester as needed.


Students can request borrowing some equipment, as needed, by clicking on Request Tech on the right. Students will be asked to enter some basic information, make a selection on the technology or technologies they are asking for and choose their Student Dean's name from the list.

The request will then go to the Dean for approval. If they approve the request, Information Technology staff will work to fulfill the request as they can. Some equipment may be shipped from the college, others may be shipped directly from a vendor. Some equipment may be several weeks before they will arrive due to global demand.

At the end of the semester, students will be required to ship any borrowed item(s) back to the college.


There is no cost to the student for this service. 

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