Faculty and Staff Personal Technology Requests (no CAP or Classroom Hardware Requests)


This process has been designed to allow faculty and staff to make the requests for their personal needs. The requests will then be reviewed by the Dean of Academic Affairs Office (for faculty requests) and a variety of other offices for staff, in order to determine if the request will be approved or not. IT staff will not be making this determination on their own, if at all. 


Faculty and staff can request borrowing some equipment for office or home use, as needed, by clicking on Request Tech button. You will be asked to enter some basic information, make a selection of the technology or technologies you'd like to have access to and explain what you plan on doing with the technology. 

The requests will be collected and go to the appropriate office(s) for approval. If the request is approved, Information Technology staff will work to fulfill the request as quickly as they can. Some equipment may be shipped directly from a vendor in the event that the faculty or staff can't come to campus. Some equipment may be several weeks before they will arrive due to global demand.

At the end of the semester a determination will be made to either have the equipment be returned to IT or allow the item to be kept by the individual for the remainder of their work with Bowdoin.

Request Tech


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